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Team Bonding The Healthy Way


Stay Active

Progress is perpetual, which means you have to stay active to maintain optimal wellbeing. Our strategies and progress management will help you combat a whole range of health concerns!


Stay Focused

Health encompasses both the physical and mental, and you’ll find that they go hand in hand when it comes to smashing your lifestyle goals. Our programs are holistically designed to help you restore focus and control.


Team Building

Improving your health and fitness as a team is a fantastic way to build positive relationships with the people around you. Resonating with one another opens up a gateway for motivation and support to drive your success!

Meet Emma

From nutrition to exercise to lifestyle, the advice and guidance we offer is 100% backed by the science of your InBody composition scans. We have experience in Personal Training, Holistic Health Coaching, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Gut health and Skin. to help guide you on your personal health journey. We evaluate all areas of your lifestyle to come up with a solution specific to you! As we move forward and measure your results, we continually re-optimise the targets to help you get the most out of your experience with Smart Analysis.

How We Achieve This



Our state-of-the-art body scan technology provides accurate body composition analysis in less than 45 seconds. It provides comprehensive muscle and fat diagnosis, along with segmental muscle analysis to give a clear indication of areas that need improvement.



Our consultations are designed to help you establish a baseline objective. We compare the data from your smart analysis with your own personal objectives, and use this information to devise a plan of attack that will help you achieve both short-term and long-term lifestyle goals.


Pursue Goals

It’s time to get working towards a happier, healthier you! We celebrate every milestone to prevent you from losing sight of your goals. Our program is backed by science to ensure results are attainable, and that your progress is ongoing.



Planning is integral to organisation. We work out what kind of program fits with your schedule to help you create a healthy work/life balance.



We guarantee that even small changes to your health and level of activity will drastically improve your lifestyle. There’s absolutely nothing more rewarding than watching clients grow and regain their confidence!



Tracking and monitoring performance is an important part of the program. We recommend a check-in at least monthly so you can see how your body is responding to your new and improved routine. From there, we can make updates and alter the targets to meet new objectives.

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Achieve A Work-Life Balance

Your Personal Life

Wellness is an umbrella term that branches off into areas that are central to daily performance. We focus on shifting the way you view health, weight, focus, energy, and the relationship you have with your body to give you better quality of life. You’ll find that your daily interactions are more positive, you have more energy for your loved ones, and that you begin to enjoy engaging in leisure and activities. Education is the first, and most important step of the journey. Our team will provide you with all the guidance you need to take the first step!

Your Work Life

How you feel physically and mentally is 100% reflected in your performance at work. You might feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed or unfocussed, which is when your personal life and work life begin to overlap to make up for lost productivity. Our team work towards restoring a healthy balance, which stems from making the right choices. It’s never too late to instil good habits, and we guarantee that our programs will help you reach new heights in your career by fuelling your brainpower and energy! Make the first move and receive a body scan today.

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