If you've had a Smart Analysis InBody scan recently, please let us know your thoughts. We'd love to post them here on the website. Please include the date and place where you got the test and the name of the Smart Analyst if known. Thank you!

Emma Smith, Head Analyst at Smart Analysis

I've been in a body transformation mission for over a year and was finding it very hard to track my progress. Sure, the scale told me how much weight I was losing, but then as I started lifting weights, my weight went up and I panicked. I didn't know what was happening or why, so I went out and spent a small fortune getting every kind of body composition test I could find. From electronic scales and skinfold callipers to bioimpedance tests and the very expensive DEXA scan, I've chosen InBody as the scan I do regularly.

The electronic scales and callipers are useless, the bioimpedance one hugely underestimated my body fat percentage and the DEXA was not only expensive, but the lab tech was very sloppy when making post-scan corrections and overestimated my body fat percentage by a long shot. Emma from Smart Analysis, on the other hand, takes the time to talk to you and genuinely cares about your results, plus the scans are quite cheap and she brings the equipment to my gym a couple of times per month. It couldn't get any easier.

I've been getting scans once a month since. When it comes to my diet and exercise, I can't just "wing it". I need to know what's going on and finally I do.

Alex A., Primary Goal: Body Transformation

As a business executive based in the CBD, the Hutt Street location is very convenient for me. Having to drive elsewhere during business hours would be impossible for me. But with a city location, I can now get my body scans done right before my cardio sessions at night.

Mike J., Primary Goal: Fat Loss

I used to be afraid of body fat testing, but after speaking with Emma, she put me at ease and now I'm hooked! People say ignorance is bliss, but at least in my case, it wasn't until I learned a bit about my body composition that I realised that losing weight wasn't what I needed at all. Emma helped me change my focus from excessive amounts of cardio to a healthier balance between cardio and weights and after just a few weeks, not only have I gotten stronger but other people have begun to notice my positive changes. The scale lies. Smart Analysis gives you the truth and knowledge is power.

Danielle S., Primary Goal: Body Transformation