About Us

Smart Analysis has been running for over 5 years and was the first InBody 570 specialist in SA.

We have now grown into a wellness space on Hutt Street. We have a holistic approach to health and have a goal to help as many people as possible in South Australia to become the healthiest human they can be.

Do you have goals for weight loss? Weight gain? Fat loss? Muscle Gain? Body Transformation? Maintenance? More energy? Clearer skin? healthier relationship with your body image?

If you answer 'yes' to one of these, we would love to meet with you and help guide you along your journey towards reaching your health and fitness goals.

Our Mobile service and Hutt Street location clinic is equipped with the InBody 570 providing gyms, clubs, homes, schools, businesses, corporate or individuals with the most professional service and motivational tool ever created to measure fat loss and muscle development.

Are you fed up with seeing regular fluctuations on your bathroom scales? Do you let the results control your mood? Have you ever once thought it could be that your body is holding onto more water or you've gained some muscle? Save your stress and guess work our medically graded InBody 570 machine gives you an accurate body composition Analysis, with a break down of over 40 health parameters. One of our specialist will also be able to help guide you along your journey.


What We Do

  • The most accurate body scan
  • Meal plans
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Health coaching - programs coming soon...
  • Massages
  • Personal training advice