Body Composition Analysis

A technologically advanced non-invasive scan that accurately measures body composition, including body fat and lean mass percentages, muscle distribution, protein adequacy, mineral concentration and even water density at the cellular level

  • InBody 570
    The InBody570 features state-of-the-art technology that provides accurate body composition analysis in less than 45 seconds. Its sleek design, versatility, and intuitive user-interface make the InBody570 an essential tool in your search for a better you. Features Provides…
  • InBody TV Commercial
    See the InBody 570 in action.
  • Evolution of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
    This informative presentation showcases the evolution of body composition analysis from the earlier trial-and-error stages of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) methods to today's highly accurate InBody technology. Watch the video


  • Tell us what you think!
    Emma Smith, Head Analyst at Smart Analysis

    If you've had a Smart Analysis InBody scan recently, please let us know your thoughts. We'd love to post them here on the website. Please include the date and place where you got the test and the name of the Smart Analyst if known. Thank you!

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  • I’ve tried them all
    Alex A., Primary Goal: Body Transformation

    I've been in a body transformation mission for over a year and was finding it very hard to track my progress. Sure, the scale told me how much weight I was losing, but then as I started lifting weights, my weight went up and I panicked. I didn't know what was happening or why, so…

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  • Ideal for time strapped professionals
    Mike J., Primary Goal: Fat Loss

    As a business executive based in the CBD, the Hutt Street location is very convenient for me. Having to drive elsewhere during business hours would be impossible for me. But with a city location, I can now get my body scans done right before my cardio sessions at night.

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